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Whether you're meeting one of our Ranchi Escorts for the first time, or you have regular meetings with our lovely escort girls, no doubt you've always wanted to ask them what made them decide to become an escort. Well, here's your chance to find out a little more about what makes young (and not so young) women decide to 'sell' their companionship and time. Of course, the reasons are varied and will differ from one escort to the next, but our series 'Ranchi Escorts confess' will give you an insight into the motivation and experiences that entice women, both young and mature, into the world of escorting.Our first 'confession' comes from one of our more mature Ranchi Escorts, Sunita, a vibrant attractive woman who possesses that unique quality of knowing exactly how to put men at their ease and make them feel desirable.

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Escorting was something that young, beautiful girls did. It was something that never entered my head, until I split up from my partner. The split left me as a single mother to my beautiful daughter and, as she'd been used to growing up in an environment where everything was provided for her, I felt the need to find a job which would not only pay me well, but give me time to spend with her. Splitting up from my partner, (who isn't my daughter's father) made me sit down and evaluate my life and where it was going. I didn't have a career to speak of, no real qualifications and I knew the chances of me finding a job which paid well and left me enough spare time to spend with my daughter was going to be difficult.While I was living with my partner, the only things I'd really had to worry about were keeping myself in shape and looking good. I've always been proud of my looks and my body. In fact, I'd done a bit of glamour modeling when I was a bit younger, although I'd never really taken it seriously.

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However, I loved being in front of the camera and I loved the attention I received while I was doing it. I did look into going back into glamour modeling, but it seemed like there was a never ending stream of younger girls who were keen to make modeling their career too, plus the hours could be long. It just no longer seemed the right fit for me as a single mother". "Looking back on my life, it seems that I was always seeking 'approval' from men. From an early age I was sexually precocious. I lost my virginity at 15 to a boy from school and after that I ended up in a variety of short relationships which culminated in having my daughter. During this time, I worked in clubs throughout the West End and became involved in modeling. I was the ultimate party girl. Always up for fun. However I did draw the line at delving into the world of porn films, like some of the girls I worked with. I preferred sex as a purely recreational activity, not as a way to make money. Sure, I often found myself in a dark corner giving a guy a blow job after the club had closed, but I never did it for the cash. I'd let them treat me to a bottle of champagne, or a new pair of shoes or whatever, but no actual money ever changed hands.

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I went through a string of partners. I didn't want to settle down; I was having too much fun. And then, I found I was pregnant. Of course, I didn't know who the father was. I'd been seeing too many guys to be sure. After my daughter was born, I returned to the club, but suddenly my priorities had changed. I no longer chased after guys. I just did my job and then went home. Until I met the guy who was to become my partner. We clicked straight away and, even though I'd told him about my daughter, he soon asked me to move in with him. For three or four years things were great.I stopped working at the club, (I'd stopped the modeling when I got pregnant) and concentrated on making a home for the three of us".

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"Understandably I was devastated when the relationship came to an end. To be fair, he was very good about it, and helped me to find a new place to live but that was the end of both his emotional and his financial involvement with me. Now it was up to me to provide for my daughter again.Ranchi Escort Service gone from having everything paid for, to living off the small amount of savings I had left. I did try to get back into modeling. I went and saw my old agency, but they told me (as politely as they could) that I didn't quite fit their profile anymore. Sure I was in great shape (there were no outward signs that I'd ever been pregnant) but they were looking for girls who were younger than me. My money was starting to run out. I was offered a few hours work at the club possessing, but it wasn't enough to cover the bills. And then, as luck would have it, one night as I was working in the club, I ran into a couple of girls I used to know when I was modeling. They looked great! Perfectly groomed and dressed from head to toe in designer clothes. They were with a couple of well dressed guys, who were paying them a lot of attention. Their table was practically overflowing with the most expensive champagne and everyone seemed to be having fun. Later, as the club was closing, I saw the group get up to leave. I went over to do my hostess bit. They said they were going on to a private party and invited me to join them. I told them that I didn't get off work for another 30 minutes or so. One of the guys pushed a £50 note in my hand and gave me his room number at a nearby hotel. I looked at him, not sure whether to be offended or not. "For the cab" he said. The girls assured me everything would be fine, then they all made their way out of the club".

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I was left standing there; 50 quid in my hand. I considered my options. I could just pocket the money. They wouldn't care. They'd been handing out tips like that all night. Or, Ranchi Escorts could take them up on their offer and join the party. I made a quick phone call to my babysitter. She was staying the night anyway, so being a few hours late wouldn't matter. After my shift finished, I freshened up in the ladies and called a cab. Ten minutes later I was standing outside the hotel room, wondering what would greet me on the other side of the door. The door was opened by the guy who'd given me the money. He seemed very pleased to see me and I was ushered in and quickly given a glass of champagne. My two friends were there, and the other guy from the club. The champagne was flowing and they were in various states of undress. Music was playing and the girls were performing some kind of erotic striptease dance. They motioned for me to join them. Now in my party girl days, I'd often danced the night away, stripping off clothes as the mood took me, but now I sensed a reluctance to join in. What was I doing here? For a moment I took in the scene. The two wealthy guys. My two friends. The champagne. Their state of undress. I'd left this kind of life behind long ago. It all belonged to a different time.

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But then the bubbles started to work their magic. I felt my whole body relax and as one of the guys held out his hand, I stepped forward to join them. Even though I was still in my work outfit of black tight fitting trousers and silky white blouse, I started to feel the familiar excitement of being the centre of attention as the two guys watched with admiration while I let my body gyrate in time to the music. Before I knew it, one of the girls had started to unbutton my blouse; sliding it off my shoulders to reveal my lace underwear. The guys were quick to join in, unbuttoning my trousers and then helping me to slip out of them until I was dancing in just my pants and bra. Without me realizing, the whole scenario had switched and now the clothes were coming off with wild abandon until we were all left moving and swaying, hands touching, feeling and stroking naked flesh; lips nibbling and tasting.

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I'd been involved in threesomes and foursomes before,Call Girls In Ranchi but it seemed like an age since I'd just let my arousal take over. I found myself responding to their touch and embraces like a weary traveler who'd been deprived of water. I drank in the eroticism of it all. I let my body react instinctively. There was no holding back. No restraint. I didn't know whose hands or mouth were touching me and what's more, I didn't care. All I remember was a tangle of legs and bodies. A plethora of pleasurable sensations and a wild abandonment as I sought orgasm after orgasm. The whole thing seemed to go on for an eternity, and yet it also seemed to be over in a flash. There was a sudden realization of what I'd done, but to be honest, I didn't care. It was as though I needed to let off steam in this way. I loved being made to feel so desirable and I loved the excitement that was still coursing through my veins.


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